Welcum to The Red Light District of the Cemetery, a place where the ghouls go wild, vampires suck more than just blood, and every pervert can howl at the full moon. This is the print edtion of Tales From The Whorehouse of Horror! In FULL COLOR! Over 90 pages! Six stories and bonus features!


PLUS you get to download the entire Whorror Comix digital library! That's over 330 pages of comics! *Instructions for downloading the comix will appear on the THANK YOU page after you complete payment.


What WHORROR-IBLE stories will issue #1 contain? Glad you asked!



 A man's wet dream turns into a nightmare - and the cum guzzling demon in those nightmares wants to enter our world! Inspired by the writings of HP LOVESHAFT!



A ghostly highway hooker steals a man's $50 without giving him the blowjob he paid for. The client is determind to hunt down this ghost whore and get what's owed to him, even if it means becoming a ghost himself!



King Touch-N-Kummin died with a hard-on over 4000 years ago and his penis has not been disturbed since...until now when 3 slutty girls decide to take sexy selfies with it during a museum visit. The curse of the mummy's boner has been stirred to life and the mummy will not rest until he takes each of these girls' souls to his eternal harem in the Egyptian afterlife!



It's the wee hours of night, it's dark and a stranger is sucking your dick under the bedsheets! Don't ask questions and absolutely do not turn on the lights! You'll sleep with one eye open after reading this one!



A porn star gains super-snatch-ural powers and is able read the minds of men everwhere as they fanatasize about her. She will discover that it's better not knowing!



When a greedy corporation builds a strip club and sex shop on the sacred tribal lands of the Kaka Poopoo tribe, the indigenous people must restore their injured pride by putting on a sex show that tops anything modern man can offer!

Tales From The Whorehouse of Whorror #1 (plus Digital Downloads!)