Enter the LABIATORY of DR. JEKYLL, GYNECOLOGIST and enjoy 90 pages of Sexy Science Fucktion! In full color!


PLUS: In addition to the printed book, you get to download the entire Whorror Comix digital library! That's over 330 pages of digital comics! *Instructions for downloading the comix will appear on the THANK YOU page after you complete payment.


The stories in the printed comic are:


TUNE IN, TURN ON, WHACK OFF! - A microchip implant delivers porn directly into the brains (and all 5 senses) of users, creating an army of zombified sex addicts! Female porn stars are on the run and nowhere is safe!


GLORY HOLE TO THE 8TH DIMENSION - A hotel bed becomes the portal to another universe when aroused by the orgasmic energy of the hot lesbians making love upon it. We bend the laws of physics in this one...we bend them over and violate them!


TAROT CARD TEMPTRESS - A lesbian tarot card reader predicts that she'll have hot lesbian sex with those who come to her for a reading...and she is never wrong! But one skeptic is out to prove it's all just a horny hoax. Want to know what your future holds? Laughter, fun and masturbation....if you read TAROT CARD TEMPRESS.


I, WHOREBOT - A moralistic and philosophical look at a future where sexbots can fulfill our darkest desires. When a man unleashes his sickest, darkest fantasies upon artificial life, how far is too far?


Dr Jekyll, Gynecologist: The Cumplete Collection (plus Digital Downloads!)