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Horror, science fiction and comic book convention, selling Tales from the Whorehouse of Horror and Dr Jekyll, Gynecologist

Hi. I'm Yakov Levi. Some of you may already be familiar with my shocking and tasteless films, which you can see by clicking here.


I'd like to welcome you to my newest ill-conceived venture, Whorror Comix.

WHORROR COMIX combines two great passions of mine...

Passion #1: Classic Horror and Science Fiction...for example, the Twilight Zone, H.P. Lovecraft, 1950s EC horror comics (like Tales from the Crypt).

Passion #2: Sex. My obsessive pursuit of the opposite sex has lead to some rather nightmarish near-death experiences with crazy hookers, violent pimps and nasty STDs, experiences which now serve as the inspiration behind many of my stories.

Thus, combining my love of horror and sci-fi with my love of all things sexual, I created a brand new sub-genre of horror:
Whorror ("Whore" + "Horror" = "Whorror").

Hopefully, my stories will make you laugh, as well as sicken and terrify you.

Please enjoy the free sample comics provided on the homepage. Perhaps afterward, you'll pay to download over 330 pages of "Zayna LaPube: Penis Hunter", "Tales from the Whorehouse of Horror" & "Dr. Jekyll, Gynecologist".


You can even order printed issues!

I depend on your patronage and generosity to keep this project going.  Whatever you decide to do, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate your visit. Cum again!

Love, Yakov

sexy young prostitute whore hooker nice ass
Contact Yakov Levi,
the Whore of Horror
and Dr. Jekyll, Gynecologist:
The Whore of Horror, madame of the cemetery, undead whore and part-time witch

Go ahead, freak.

Write whatever you want. Nothing shocks me!

Message received. A zombie hooker will be at your door shortly.

Female fan reads horror comic
Videos starring Ukrainian girls, whores, prostitutes, hookers and Baba Alla
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